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'There are no funerals:' Quarantine death leaves nowhere to grieve Reuters
Israel's top court hears challenge to coronavirus cyber-monitoring Reuters
Namibia #MeToo movement on hunt to find, punish sexual predators Kim Harrisberg
Coronavirus disruption fears delay decision over .org domain Umberto Bacchi
From food to tech, coronavirus to spur urban planning rethink Rina Chandran
Coronavirus pandemic sparks calls to delay sale of .org domain Umberto Bacchi
Under watch: Indian city workers protest digital surveillance Anuradha Nagaraj
Reporting off the grid: my visit to a tribe in Brazil's Amazon Fabio Teixeira
German travel tech startups hunker down for 'nuclear winter' Reuters
Asia school closures for coronavirus expose digital divide Rina Chandran
Lawmakers face calls to punish digital sex abuse Sophie Davies
U.S. surveillance program to expire after renewal stalls in Senate Reuters
Don't let impact of coronavirus breed hate: EU human rights agency Megan Rowling
Calls to regulate 'Wild West' facial recognition in U.S. schools Matthew Lavietes
EU privacy rules no obstacle to coronavirus fight;tracking a no-no Reuters
Even mask-wearers can be ID'd, China facial recognition firm says Reuters
India poor risk loss of privacy, land in digitalisation drive Rina Chandran
Feminist mappers bridge data gap in urban design Anastasia Moloney
Grindr's to be sold for $608 million by Chinese owner Echo Wang, Chibuike Oguh
U.S. bill targets Facebook, Google for child sexual abuse Reuters
Virgin Media reports database breach Reuters
Flying high: Brazilian tribe watches over forest with drones Fabio Teixeira
Coronavirus controls increase surveillance 'danger' Rina Chandran
Cooler, greener: Egyptian architects seek antidotes to rising heat Menna A. Farouk
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