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From fake news to floods, simulations help cities cope with crises
VR inspires guide to city design through eyes of a child
One billion people live in cities shifting away from fossil fuels
After woman's murder, plans to put UK police in bars 'laughable'
Oscar nominee 'Nomadland' spotlights Amazon's RV workforce
Why some US Black neighborhoods face higher flood risk
U.S. states look to pot to undo harm of racially biased drug laws
Sarah Everard: London police under fire for clashes at vigil
Japanese smart city offers residents quake, privacy protection
Affordable housing push fuels land tensions in Burkina Faso
Amazon Fresh: Retailer's first cashierless store arrives in UK
'Turning point': Cities urged to act on lessons from pandemic
Japanese theatre offers 'mailbox' viewing amid COVID restrictions
Asia's moves to control internet, data raise surveillance fears
On old milk truck, London entrepreneur chases 'zero waste future'
French city of Nice asks tourists to stay away amid COVID surge
Russian capital eyes fully electric bus fleet by 2030
DIY-style school helps educate Indian migrants facing eviction
To fix South Africa's housing crisis, golf courses may be key
Investors seed indoor farms as pandemic disrupts food supplies
Planet Earth its quietest in decades as lockdowns reduce noise
Female duo create Johannesburg green corridor
No jab, no job: Vatican gets tough with COVID anti-vaxxers
Half London councils use Chinese tech linked to Uighur abuses
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