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Eat or stay cool? Cities test ways to protect poor from heat
Coronavirus risks making labour exploitation 'new normal' - U.N.
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Will coronavirus thwart global efforts to end human trafficking?
U.S. renters owe $21.5 billion in rent; no eviction relief offered
In Bangladesh, a former sex worker helps those still on the street
California Latinos getting COVID-19 at three times rate of whites
UK running club eyes expansion as coronavirus boosts volunteering
In Haiti, community leaders tackle deadly coronavirus myths
Pandemic elevates role of smartphones in India's schools
Floods, coronavirus hobble two of India's poorest states
Coronavirus threatens internet opportunity for Native Americans
Moderna vaccine could be ready for use by end of year, U.S. says
For kitchen-less Hong Kongers, restaurant ban is a bitter pill
Lack of childcare 'destroying' UK mothers' careers amid COVID-19
Women seeking help from violence almost doubles in Mexico lockdown
Scavengers in India risk health to sift coronavirus debris
Solar keeps lights, phones on for rural Kenyans in virus blackouts
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Life put on hold for millions of Philippine migrant workers
With social media, Zimbabwean youth fight pandemic 'infodemic'
U.N. report backs temporary basic income to help world's poorest
Climate fund head seeks green turning point from virus crisis
Indian state makes returning migrants pay for quarantine
UAE's migrant workers fret over future in coronavirus economy
COVID-19 cases surge among factory workers in post-lockdown India
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