Women news

Taliban say women can study at university but must be segregated
On 9/11 anniversary, Afghans feel betrayed departed US forces
U.S. clean energy sector must expand hiring beyond white men
Mexico rules right to life from conception is unconstitutional
U.S. sues to block Texas abortion ban, calls it 'unconstitutional'
Malaysian mothers win lawsuit in 'sexist' citizenship case
Women criminalized by Mexico's abortion bans celebrate ruling
With pandemic rebound, Latin America's working mothers fall behind
Australia will cancel Afghanistan test if women's cricket banned
France to give free access to contraception for women aged up to 2
Mexican abortion ban punished poor women, top justice says
World wary of Taliban government, Afghans urge action on rights
As Mexico decriminalises abortion, what are the laws worldwide?
After Mexico, what are the hotspots for abortion rights in 2021?
Young Afghan women defiant as Taliban bring back moral police
Mexico's top court decriminalizes abortion in 'watershed moment'
U.S. Justice Dept. to protect Texas abortion clinics under attack
A curtain divides male, female students at Afghan universities
Forest pact's 'good intentions' do little to protect Amazon
Taliban tells Berlin it will welcome German companies, aid
Mexico to replace Columbus statue with one of indigenous woman
Pope hopes many countries take Afghan refugees, young are educated
Planned Parenthood wins restraining order against anti-abortion
GoDaddy terminates hosting of Texas anti-abortion tip website
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