Communicating Change

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Clear, comprehensive and sensitive communication smooths transition

What's it about?

Organisations face frequent, sustained and substantial change as they strive to grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Whether economic, environmental, technological or cultural, change can be managed effectively if communicated appropriately. This workshop provides practical guidance, techniques and real world examples of how to better communicate change to internal audiences.

Who should attend?

This workshop is relevant for anyone responsible for communicating change, particularly those in organisations undergoing frequent or sustained change, or those in organisations likely to experience substantial change in the future.

Learning outcomes

  • Deal with resistance to change, its sources and solutions
  • Understand the key role of communication in change
  • Communicate bad news messages
  • Communicate long-term, organisation-wide changes
  • Communicate in the face of open-ended, unpredictable change
  • Understand the responsibilities of communicators, leaders and HR colleagues
  • Understand successful tactics, channels and techniques for communicating change


Your organisation will benefit from this thought-provoking insight into how people perceive and respond to change. Participants will be given practical tips and techniques for increasing employee engagement and reducing resistance to change, while learning from the experience of others.

Course Structure Highlights

Analyse leading research on change
Case studies and models on how change is perceived
Tips and techniques for increasing employee engagement and reducing resistance
Drawing comparisons and studying best practice
Effective negotiation in difficult situations
Clear, compelling written and verbal communication
Listening with sensitivity and cultivating trust
Effective body language and eye contact

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