Women in Management and Leadership

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

A dynamic and interactive one-day course which offers an in-depth look at the difficulties women face in the workplace, and teaches the skills required to overcome them.

What's it about?

Of 195 independent countries, only 19 are led by women, 23% of Fortune CEOs are women and 15% of executive officer positions are held by women. Something is clearly amiss and some organisations are starting to recognise this. That’s why Jim Smith has pledged that we will reach 40% (from the current 30%) female representation in senior leadership roles by 2020. Learn how to best convey the skills you possess and earn the recognition you deserve in the workplace.

This fast-paced and highly interactive course will consider some of the main constraints for women in the workplace and find out how to address them. This is an empowering workshop providing opportunities to share, network and learn from each other. It will include case studies of women (inside and outside of TR) who have successfully navigated the workplace and overcome the hidden structural barriers facing women professionally.

Who should attend?

This programme will be valuable for all women who are looking to make the next step in their career growth. It will also be of interest for any employee looking to learn more about the unique obstacles women face at work.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to navigate the workplace
  • Identify structural barriers facing women in the workplace and learn strategies to navigate them
  • Better manage your role when working in a male-dominated environment
  • Learn to speak with authority and impact
  • Understand your management and leadership style
  • Be better at motivating and inspiring your team
  • Engage with others in a supportive and inspiring training environment


Your team will benefit from the boost this course will provide in moving towards Jim Smith’s target . This course will teach you new and more effective ways of communicating, influencing and presenting, with a view towards occupying senior roles. Anyone attending will further benefit from having a better understanding of gender in the landscape of their particular workplace.

Course Structure Highlights

  • The qualities of successful leaders
  • Women as mentors and coaches
  • Understanding why women outperform men at school and in higher education but fall behind in the workplace
  • The best ways to create your own successful support system and increase the effectiveness of your networks
  • Beyond the ‘Superwoman Syndrome’
  • Gender and communication in the workplace; communicating with ‘alphas’

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