Sales Facilitation And Presentation

Course Type: In-Company | Course Category: Communications

Course Introduction

Persuade customers and win business with professional presentations

What's it about?

Clearly communicating the facts a customer needs to make a choice and delivering a pitch with authenticity contributes to successful sales. This workshop helps you to look at your presentation through the eyes of your buyer, match your style to their needs and deliver in a manner that will impress them enough to buy. What works for some, doesn’t work for others and it is important to examine your approach and explore ways of improving and adapting to changing environments.

Who should attend?

This workshop can benefit all those in business but particularly sales personnel account executives. It is advisable for participants to have at least one year’s sales experience.

Learning outcomes

  • More sales
  • Better rapport with customers through clear communication
  • Your audience’s attention and interest
  • More business development calls converted to appointments
  • Learning from previous experiences to get it right the next time


Equipping staff with the ability to quickly and accurately assess a customer’s needs and then adapt their style to engaging a potential buyer can give businesses the edge in our highly competitive world. This workshop can help you ensure that pitches and presentations convert to sales and translate to profits.

Course Structure Highlights

  • Qualities of a truly professional sales person
  • Revisiting the vital aspects of the sales process
  • Identifying decision makers and how best to approach them
  • Getting the right information to seek out areas of improvement
  • The matching process – understanding what customers buy
  • How best to present your goods or services in a manner that will show benefits
  • How to make professional business presentations
  • Buying signals and closing the sale
  • Identifying true and false objections and overcoming them
  • Matching selling styles to buyer behaviour
  • Buyers’ likes and dislikes through the eyes of the buyer
  • Proven ways to increase your success at making telephone appointments
  • Putting into practice a modern consultative approach to the sales process