Equality and Tolerance Covering Religion

Reporting on religion with authority and sensitivity is critical to covering some of the world's biggest stories. Effective coverage is a challenge for most major newsrooms. We work with journalists to help them report authoritatively wherever religion is part of the story.


An understanding of how to cover religion in context is critical to impartial and accurate coverage of many of the world’s biggest stories - from contemporary extremist and terrorist movements, to ethical dilemmas such as gay marriage, stem cell therapy and voluntary euthanasia.

Meanwhile, specialist religious reporter positions are in decline around the world, and the job of covering religion in the context of mainstream media is falling to generalist reporters. Our programme works with leading journalists and religious thought leaders to explore how to handle hot button issues while still delivering impartial, independent news coverage.

Our approach

Thomson Reuters Foundation workshops combine practical hands-on training with seminars and debates. It builds literacy and sensitivity to religion issues in the context of political conflicts, ethnic minorities, human rights, gender, migration and education.

Participants also learn story verification techniques and best-practice responses to the unique challenges posed by covering religion issues, including handling editorial and ethical dilemmas and working with social media.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect improved religious literacy in their coverage of global news stories.
  • Strengthen accuracy and impartiality when reporting on religion in context of global news stories.
  • Explain and contextualise complex religious issues with greater confidence
  • Understand how to seek verification and quotes from religious leaders and institutions
  • Understand religious terminology and language and avoid jargon
About Media Development

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is committed to fostering the highest standards of journalism worldwide. We believe accurate, impartial and independent journalism leads to better-informed societies. It holds power to account, strengthens the rule of law and contributes to economic and social development.

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