Thomson Reuters Foundation launches new journalism platform, Context

by Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thursday, 29 September 2022 10:41 GMT

We are delighted to announce the launch of Context - a news and analysis platform focusing on three of the most critical issues facing humanity: climate change, the impact of technology on society, and the need for more inclusive economies.

Built on a legacy of more than two decades reporting on issues including modern slavery, LGBTQ+ rights, labour rights and the human impact of climate change, Context will deliver the same world-class coverage refined to these key interconnected focus areas. Its award-winning team of global correspondents will provide in-depth analysis enriched with local insight, human-centred stories and the perspectives of those working at the forefront of pioneering solutions.

Context offers video content and podcasts in addition to written investigations and opinion pieces. Topics range from just transition and climate justice to socio-economic inequality, racial justice and gender equity, to data privacy and surveillance and the growing digital divide. With branding supported by FleishmanHillard, the digital platform has been designed with user experience at its core and its focus areas are guided by extensive audience research.

LGBTQ+ news coverage will continue to be published on the Foundation’s dedicated platform, Openly

Context will also offer subscribers three newsletters with exclusive commentary and unique insights aligned to its areas of focus, launching from 3rd October. Policy, Honestly, explores policies and legislation from the perspective of the people they impact, Dataveillance looks at the practices of data capture and monitoring, and Climate.Change. is a refreshed version of the current ‘Frontlines’ newsletter.

In addition, Context will launch a new podcast series on Just Transition, with the first episode airing on 17th October. Together with the Foundation’s network of reporters, host and journalist Iman Amrani will explore the human stories behind global efforts to decarbonise. Each episode will cover a different topic, ranging from modern slavery in Brazil’s ethanol supply chain, to people living in the shadow of India’s huge solar farms and First Nations communities in Canada using green energy to advance economic empowerment.

Antonio Zappulla, Chief Executive Officer at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, said:  “Our global news audience, built over more than two decades, has grown significantly and this has given us the opportunity to innovate and evolve to best serve their needs. 

“As a digital-first platform, Context offers our audience world-class reporting and analysis on topics we know they care about, in the format they want to access it. Context will give today’s purpose-driven professionals added insights into how critical news events affect people, society and the environment, and how they are interconnected.

“Context’s focus areas mirror the wider work of the Foundation, which supports thought leadership, training, and convening initiatives focusing on efforts to protect data rights, explore opportunities at the frontiers of the digital world, bolster climate justice, and build inclusive and sustainable economies.”

Yasir Khan, Editor-in-Chief at Context, said:Our readers want journalism with depth, insight and on-the-ground perspectives that empowers them to make meaningful decisions in their fields of work. 

“We want our journalism to be useful and give readers a deeper understanding of humanity’s greatest challenges - and perhaps even help them to tackle these, if they are in a position to do so.  

“As we launch Context, we’ll continue to deliver the same fair, accurate and impartial journalism that has always been integral to our mission. We aim to spark ideas, challenge preconceptions and uncover little-known details through innovative new content, because the better you know, the better you can do.”

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