Livia Firth on remembering the faces behind our clothes

by Maria Caspani | | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Handprint is a powerful short film, shot by director Mary Nighy, which compels viewers to confront the origins of their clothes. The film was commissioned by Eco-Age’s Creative Director and Founder of the Green Carpet Challenge Livia Firth, who asked Nighy to interpret the ethical and social issues in the fashion supply chain.

“We’ve become so removed from what we buy, from the people who make the clothes...The movie reminds us that there are hands and faces and human beings at the other end of the supply chain,“ Firth told Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“Many people’s hands touch our clothes before we wear them. If we could see or speak to those people, we might think about them and our clothes quite differently,” Nighy said. “Handprint is a short film which imagines what it would be like if we could connect to the people who make our clothes, and encourages us to remember them.”